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  • Dine to Donate – Week of May 15!

    We have planned your family dinners for next week. We hope you don’t mind 😅 We know cooking can be stressful plus Mother’s Day week is coming 🥰

    Any support is appreciated! One night or two or the whole week. Or if you can’t we understand 🧡 But if you could share with friends and family that would be great.

    You are probably wondering why so many fundraisers??

    All the money always goes back to the students and staff. This month fundraisers are going towards field day, 8th grade formal and t-shirts for all 8th grade students.

    Thank you so much for all the support 🖤🧡

  • Student Art Contest!

    Design the front of the 8th Grade Tshirt!

    (8th grader names will be on the back)
    TOPIC: Describe the 8th grade with your art
    WIN a $50 McDonald’s meal card!
    Turn in your entries at school, or email them to the PTA.
    ENTRY DEADLINE: April 14th

    Nos encantaría que todos los estudiantes de Octavo grado participaran en nuestro concurso de camisa. Al final de año recibirán una camisa pero ellos tienen la oportunidad de diseñar la parte de enfrente. El premio es una tarjeta de $50 de McDonalds.

    El break de primavera se acerca tendrán mucho tiempo para dibujar 😊

    Click on the image to download it and share it with your LMS students/friends!